Information about using the Webex and/or Zoom web conferencing Platforms

Dear SICOGG 22 Presenters and Attendees,

This year’s SICOGG will take place online as a virtual conference, due to current health concerns and travel restrictions related to COVID-19. It is the first time in its history that SICOGG will be run online.

To attend the virtual conference, you need your device, a good internet connection, and free registration. Before the conference starts, you need to create a Webex and/or Zoom account(s) and learn the basic features of them. You should first download and install the Webex and/or Zoom client.

We are going to use Webex for all of the invited lectures, all invited workshop talks, and all odd-numbered oral presentations (e.g. Presentation 1, Presentation 3, Presentation 5, etc).
To attend these lectures and presentations either as presenters or attendees, use Webex. The URL and ID are as follows:

Meeting Number: 166 053 3893
Password: Uw7wVQmt8d2

To attend even-numbered presentations, use Zoom.
For all even-numbered oral presentations in the morning sessions, use the following URL:
(The host is Moderator Jaehoon Choi.)

For all even-numbered oral presentations in the afternoon, use the following URL:
(The host is Moderator YongSuk Yoo.)

If the language you see on the screen is in Korean, you can change it to English by choosing and clicking ‘English’ on the upper right corner of the screen. If you need further information, please contact Professor Michael Barrie at

Best regards,

The Organizing Committee of the 22nd Seoul International Conference on Generative Grammar